Friday, January 22, 2021

Bury FC: Players release statement calling for Chairman’s exit

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Bury FC’s celebrations following their promotion to Sky Bet League One have only just simmered down, but the players at the Greater Manchester-based club have ‘finally’ taken a stand after not being paid for over twelve weeks by their employers.

The playing staff at the club have this evening released an official statement venting their frustrations at the finanancial difficulties that that club have faced, and their message to the club chairman to ‘walk away’ from Bury Football Club.

“As players, we’re disappointed to find ourselves in this position having had such a great season. We have gone from elation to complete and utter dismay. As it stands, it look like as players, we may have to start looking at other clubs which is something none of us want to do.

“Adding to this, we have now found out that one of our contracts aren’t valid moving into the next season which needs addressing as a matter of urgency. Unfortunately, we’re now in a position where ‘we’ as players haven’t been paid in twelve weeks from the club, and with no intention of paying what is owed or future payments to us.

“The PFA stepped in to help us with March’s wages which we’re very grateful for, but unfortunately this isn’t a long term solution. Right now, we should be spending some well-earned downtime while we’re out of season, but instead we find ourselves having to consider our future.

“Everyone can see the togetherness of this squad, which gives us a great start for next season. All we want is to come back to some stability, and give the supporters another great season. From what we understand, the Chairman bought the club for £1 with a good understanding of the problems that it faced.

The players went on to say: “He openly says this in his first press interview. If it’s become too much, all we ask is that you step aside, move on, and stop negatively impacting everyone’s livelyhoods. We have been made aware via various sources that offers have been made to the club, which would see ‘him’ making money after such a short amount of time in control of the club.

“Mr Chairman, we know that you have no regard or consideration for ‘us’ as players, our families or our futures, but please just accept the offer and walk away from ‘our’ club before you bring ‘it’ to it’s knees.”

Vice-Captain Nicky Adams, who’s enjoying his third spell at his boyhood club took to social media to share the players statement.

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