Unicorn 2018 – The Preview


Unicorn 2018 - The Preview

Unicorn Darts will be unveiling their 2018 range this coming Thursday in Nottingham, The World famous darts brand who have been the big name in darts for 80 years later this year have took darts technology to new heights over the last couple of years. What is featured in the 2018 range you ask ? Well, unfortunately we will have to wait until Thursday for that as the team at Unicorn will be posting some of the NEW products on their twitter page and Facebook. A few weeks ago I chatted with the Unicorn Darts executive Matt Rankin about a number of things concerning Unicorn darts as they continue to produce premium quality choice of tungsten. I do remember asking Matt what makes Unicorn Darts the big name in darts and better than all of it’s competitors and he said –

” Producing darts to win titles, that’s what we do for the players. No other sort of company matches the statistics of TWENTY world championship titles since 1979, so we believe we’ve got a proven track record of being there for the players and making the darts to enable them to lift trophies because at the end of the day that’s what the players all are playing on the PDC tour for. It pleases us greatly when we see players like Gary Anderson and Michael Smith in recent times lifting trophies as well as Joe Cullen, Ian White, the list goes on this year. It pleases us greatly when we see the players doing well. “

Unicorn 2018 - The Preview
Ultracore ONE darts system. ( Photo : Unicorn Darts )

We have seen plenty of NEW revolutionary products from the team at Unicorn in recent times, obviously in the 2017 product launch this time last year Unicorn launched the Ultracore darts system with Core Transfer Technology (CTT). The basic concept is, of course, not entirely original, several old designs exist which feature full-diameter extension pieces to alter barrel balance and weight (also moving internal barrel weights have also been used before for the purpose of increasing board impact positivity. But to implement the concept in a production tungsten dart, moreover one with a fixed external profile is completely new.

So what are the benefits? Tuning darts for optimal aerodynamics can help scoring, but tuning for optimal ergonomics may be the crucial difference. Configured to play either Steel-tip or Soft-tip and utilising CTT (Core Transfer Technology) ULTRACORE enables you to successfully change the definition of your darts. With 16 different combinations of weight and balance to suit your particular grip position and throwing technique the search for your perfect dart could end here. ( Courtesy of Uniboffin )

Unicorn have also released Ultracore darts for the likes of Gary Anderson and Raymond van Barneveld, infact Gary Anderson’s phase 4 dart was based on the ultracore model.

This time last year, Unicorn Darts also released the Unicorn Eclipse HD2 Dartboard which you may of seen used in the PDC TV events since the 2016 World Cup of Darts. The HD2 is a delight to the human eye with a clear playing surface. Finest Grade “A” Sisal, Seamless playing surface for higher scores. Also includes the NEW grade ‘A’ sisal with guarantees a seamless playing surface. Another new feature is the new black number ring with replaceable number available in a range of different colours allowing the user to custom their dartboard to how they want it.

Unicorn 2018 - The Preview
Unicorn on Tour.
(Photo : Unicorn Darts )

Another superb product which is not a new one but is still highly successful is the Unicorn on tour ( Pictured Above ) which is a portable casing for your dartboard in which you can strap to any door on your travels and take your dartboard anywhere you like. A lot of the professional players on the PDC tour use them and take them away to the various PDC events in the UK and across Europe.

A lot of darts companies have been producing Darts lighting system surrounds over recent times, but Unicorn Darts do not just match other companies for equipment they better them. At last years launch in Nottingham they released the Solar lighting system which gives the user 360 degrees non glare illumination, a pro slimline surround included with the lighting system, a durable fibreglass outer shell and no assembly required allowing the user to be ready to play in seconds.

It’s surely going to be a very exciting 2018 launch with a lot of NEW innovative products on the way as the World-Famous brand continue to be the best quality darts brand on the planet. Several team Unicorn players have been excited about the launch on the Unicorn Darts twitter page.

For more information on all things Unicorn please visit http://www.unicorn-darts.com

Unicorn 2018 - The Preview



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