Puleo & Long’s delight at clinching Ally Pally spots – CDC Main Event 10 round-up


Chuck Puleo & Jim Long confirmed their places at the 2019 William Hill World Darts Championship at Alexandra Palace in December as the CDC representatives for the United States & Canada.

Jim Long’s place at the World Championship’s were all but secured heading into Main Event 10, as Gary Mawson needed to win the event to knock Long out of contention. But, Mawson gave Long a scare as he advanced to the Semi-Finals before losing out to Chuck Puleo in a last-leg decider.

As for Chuck Puleo, his task was a lot more straightforward and difficult, he had to win Main Event 10 to have any hope of denying Darin Young a place at the World Championships in December. Puleo started the day 14 points begin Young, and it was a tough ask. But, as we all know, Puleo has the game to win any event that he participates in.

And, in typical Puleo fashion he rose to the occasion tremendously as he claimed Main Event 10 in what was his third Main Tour win of 2018, and his fifth in total on the CDC tour. Puleo saw off Jim Widmayer 6-4 in a closely contested final. Widmayer did open up a 2-1 lead early on, but back came Puleo as he won three legs wothout reply to move into a 4-2 lead, and with that two-leg lead he managed to see off the match to claim Main Event 10.

Over the course of the event, Puleo produced some excellent performances and averages en route to claiming the title 👇👇👇

5-3 vs Keifer Durham (81.6) L64

5-0 vs Elmer Kempt (78.3) L32

5-3 vs Mike Burns (87.0) L16

6-3 vs Nick Linberg (80.0) QF’s

6-5 vs Gary Mawson (94.0) SF’s

6-4 vs Jim Widmayer (88.1) Final

So following Main Event 10, both Jim Long & Chuck Puleo were obviously ecstatic after guaranteeing their spots at Alexandra Palace as they spoke to Anthony Eugenia (COO) & Peter Citera (CEO) following the conclusion of the final.

“It’s not easy, we work hard at our craft to give everybody a good show. And, let the darts fall where they may.”

“I knew Jim was gunna bring it, I knew I had to bring it. I just wanted to play as well as I did in the Semi-Finals against Gary. The trebles were falling, I was scoring heavy, and I just wanted to bring that into the final.”

“To be honest, I felt pressure in the first game when I played Keifer. He won the Evolution Tour yesterday, and I knew he would be up for it. I took it, and I knew that I was going to go all the way today.”

“Those are the types of matches that you want to get a kick in the behind, and say ‘hey’ don’t slack, and I was happy to win that one. “

“It’s an honour, anytime you can represent North America and Canada. It’s the main goal to represent my country, I just want to represent America to the fullest extent and show them ‘hey’ we can play darts too here.”

“It means everything to me, my mum passed in February, and I told her ‘I’m going to London’.”

Chuck Puleo

“The game between Gary and Chuck in the Semi-Finals was electric, and we was on the other side, and I was trying not to watch, honestly. Because there’s a lot resting for me on that. I feel great, and I feel fortunate. Nick Linberg gave me a beating today, and I took it like a champ.”

“I’ve had people in Canada prior to the event that I’m already in the World Championships, I was like should I correct them? If Gary wins today then I’m out, Nick Linberg was incredible against me, I just try to win every match that I play in, and if other guys outplay you, then that’s all there is to it. “

“I was talking to Nick Linberg at that moment, and everyone else was watching Gary’s match on their phones. And, I was trying not to watch especially when Chuck went 140, 134, 140. I don’t every want to wish bad luck on anybody. It was tough, thankfully Nick was there to keep me occupied.”

“I’ve had no past inspirations about playing in the World Championships, I just play darts, I love the game. If you asked me if it was a dream to play in the World Championships, I’d say no, because I never imagined that I’d ever get that chance. So now I’m going, It’s a shock, because I never imagined I’d have that in my future. I just play darts in North America. And, thanks to the CDC for making the deal with the PDC, I’m actually fulfilling a dream that I never even had.

– Jim Long

2018 Magic Darts Championship Darts Circuit

Main Event Winners

Main Event 1 – Gary Mawson

Main Event 2 – Chuck Puleo

Main Event 3 – Leonard Gates

Main Event 4 – Darin Young

Main Event 5 – Leonard Gates

Main Event 6 – Darin Young

Main Event 7 – Nick Linberg

Main Event 8 – Chuck Puleo

Main Event 9 – John Part

Main Event 10 – Chuck Puleo


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