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Mervyn King: “I’m not scared of anybody.”

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Tom Beresford
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Mervyn King (pictured above) admits that he isn’t ‘scared of anybody’ as the PDC tour resumes after the summer break. [Photo: Lawrence Lustig/PDC]

Mervyn King is always a player that lives for the sport of darts, and the Norfolk-based star doesn’t fear anybody in terms of the opposition in the Professional game.

In an interview on Sky Sports’ the Darts Show, King talks about his current form, his aspirations for the rest of 2019 and his desire to become World Champion.

“It’s been a bit up and down, to be fair”, said King, speaking on the Darts Show podcast.

“I’ve not felt the best about my form, but I’ve played some good stuff. I’ve been producing some good stuff, I’ve been practising well, but I just can’t put my finger on why I’m playing so well and not getting anywhere, and then on other occasions, I don’t play so well and have a decent run.

I’m putting a lot of hard work in over the last 18 months, and now it seems to be showing. Hopefully my form in the major tournaments will continue, and get even better.

“I’m not scared of anybody”, said King.

“There’s only one player that makes me think about my game, and that’s Gary Anderson. I’ve seen that man do 2-3 hours practise, I’ve sat there and watched him for the entirety of that time, and he’s been averaging 130+ for the duration of that time.

King added: “I’ve also done that in practise, but Gary has found a way of replicating that form and taking it on the big stage, which is something that I’ve yet to do. If I can take my form to the stage, then I won’t just win a major, I will win the Worlds. It’s one of those things that I haven’t managed to do yet, but I’m still looking, and I’ll continue to look until I can’t play any more.

“Practise for me, starts again on Thursday. Unfortunately for me, I’ll miss the next three European Tour events, which will put my place in the World Grand Prix under a bit of pressure.

“We’ve got a few Players Championship events prior to the cut-off for that event, so I’ll be looking to ‘dig deep’ and do what need to do to keep that hope alive. You can always sense the willingness to compete again after the summer break.”

Listen to the full episode of ‘the Darts Show‘ below.

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