Delight for Dudeney in Derby as he wins JDC UK Tour 3


Tavis Dudeney left Derby on Saturday afternoon in a jubilant mood as he was victorious at the Junior Darts Corporation’s UK Tour event 3. The 14-year old from Brighton enjoyed a 5-3 victory in the final over Freddie Francis en route to claiming the title.

With the win, Dudeney picked up £150, became a JDC – Allstar, and booked his place in the finals day in Bristol in December.

On his way to securing the title, Dudeney enjoy victories over Jack Ratcliffe (3-0), Will North 3-2, Ryan Jordan (3-1), Lewis Gurney (3-2), Keelan Kay (4-3) before that 5-3 victory in the final over Freddie Francis.

The strength in depth within the Junior Darts Corporation is very impressive, the standard of play is quite remarkable. Kyle Manton piled in the biggest finish of the day which was a stunning 158 against George Townsend in the very first leg of his opening match. George Lynch earlier in the day threatened a nine-dart leg as he kicked off a leg with two maximums, despite not achieving perfection, he enjoyed a 3-1 win over Liam Mason.

JDC Modus UK Tour 3

Cueball, Club Derby

First Round

Tommy Nelson 3-2 Jack Brooks

Tyler Radlett 3-0 William Ratcliffe

Brad Phillips 3-0 Owen Mason

Keelan Kay 3-0 Zach Thorne

Lennon Cradock 3-0 Kieran Ford

Mitchell McCarthy 3-2 Callum Boland

Lewis Gurney 3-0 Jasper Wright

Jack Boardman 3-1 Emma Leverett

Blake Manton 3-0 Luke Littler

Tavis Dudeney 3-0 Jack Ratcliffe

Will North 3-0 Frankie Murrie

Ryan Jordan 3-2 Mason Lakey

Mitchell Leeming 3-0 Matt Slack

Joshua Powell 3-0 Harvey King

Alfie Jacques 3-0 Kaelib Gormley

Charlie Large 3-0 Harry Robinson

Ashley Marson 3-1 Max Mclaughlin

Alfie Head 3-0 Charley King

Nathan Care 3-1 Andrew Harrison

Owen Cuthbert 3-1 Alex Gurr

Henry Coates 3-0 Jayden Harper

Ieuan Halsall 3-1 Sean Craig

Zac Griffiths 3-2 Jason Meek

George Lynch 3-2 Jordan Sollis

Liam Mason 3-0 Jake Nickless

Freddie Francis 3-0 George O’Neill

Round Two

Kyle Manton 3-1 George Townsend

Tommy Nelson 3-0 Jordan Ward

Tyler Radlett 3-1 Brad Phillips

Keelan Kay 3-0 Lennon Cradock

Lewis Gurney 3-1 Mitchell McCarthy

Jack Boardman 3-2 Blake Manton

Tavis Dudeney 3-2 Will North

Ryan Jordan 3-1 Mitchell Leeming

Alfie Jacques 3-0 Joshua Powell

Ashley Marson 3-2 Charlie Large

Nathan Care 3-1 Alfie Head

Henry Coates 3-0 Owen Cuthbert

Zac Griffiths 3-2 Ieuan Halsall

George Lynch 3-1 Liam Mason

Freddie Francis 3-2 Antony Richardson

Davy Knowles 3-0 Andrew Kitt

Last 16

Kyle Manton 3-1 Tommy Nelson

Keelan Kay 3-0 Tyler Radlett

Lewis Gurney 3-2 Jack Boardman

Tavis Dudeney 3-1 Ryan Jordan

Alfie Jacques 3-1 Ashley Marson

Nathan Care 3-2 Henry Coates

George Lynch 3-1 Zac Griffiths

Freddie Francis 3-1 Davy Knowles

Last Eight

Keelan Kay 3-1 Kyle Manton

Tavis Dudeney 3-2 Lewis Gurney

Alfie Jacques 3-0 Nathan Care

Freddie Francis 3-1 George Lynch


Tavis Dudeney 4-3 Keelan Kay

Freddie Francis 4-2 Alfie Jacques


TAVIS DUDENEY 5-3 Freddie Francis

Photo : Junior Darts Corporation


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