Betway Premier League – Night Five Round-up & Report

Betway Premier League - Night Five Round-up & Report
Peter Wright put in a breath-taking performance as he averaged 119.50 in his 7-2 rout over Adrian Lewis, the second highest average in PL history. Photo: Lawrence Lustig/PDC

Night Five of the 2017 Betway Premier League took place this evening at the Westpoint Arena in Exeter, the news of the week leading up to tonight was that Michael van Gerwen would withdraw due to a back injury. Taking his place was Dave Chisnall as he played twice as he took on Raymond van Barneveld and James Wade.

Chisnall vs Van Barneveld was the opening game of the evening, Chisnalll was in desperate need of a victory in this one as he remained in the bottom three and also to give him confidence going into his game with James Wade in the final game of the evening.

Van Barneveld had chance to break the Chisnall throw early on as he missed the bull for a 122, and Chisnall returned to take out D10 to hold and open up a 1-0 lead.

Van Barneveld’s double woes continued as he missed one dart at D16 to level and in stepped Chisnall to take out 86 on D16 to break the throw of the Dutchman and lead 2-0.

It’s fair to say that Van Barneveld wasn’t at the races as he was averaging in the late 80’s with Chisnall averaging 96, averages don’t win matches but with Van Barneveld’s missed doubles to add to that it gave Chisnall the advantage and he went on to move 3-0 ahead as he took out 54 on tops with Van Barneveld well back on 198.

Van Barneveld managed to hold his throw to make it 3-1 after taking out 64 on D8, but breaks of throw were still needed for RVB and the way Chisnall was playing it seemed doubtful, in Leg four the pair traded maximums at the start of the leg, then Chisnall broke clear in the leg with his third maximum of the match and he picked out the double 10 to move 4-1 clear and re-established a three-leg cushion.

The Dutchman dominated the fifth leg as he picked up his game and his average was up in the late 90’s, he missed seven darts to win the leg, but with Chisnall unable to take out 136 he returned to pick out D4 to make it 2-4.

Van Barneveld’s struggles on the double contined as he missed two darts to break the Chisnall throw and ‘Chizzy’ punished the error as he found D10 to make it 5-2. Van Barneveld has hit just two doubles out of 14 which is simply not good enough for RVB.

Chisnall then went on to fire in an 11-dart leg taking out 96 on D18 to secure a draw and a 6-2 advantage.

Chisnall started off the ninth leg with SEVEN perfect darts, and secured the 7-2 victory after Van Barneveld fired in a maximum to apply the pressure but the St Helens ace took out tops to secure a vital win in his premier league campaign.

The second match of the night was another vital bottom of the table clash between Jelle Klaasen and Kim Huybrechts in which the loser of this contest would be resigned to the bottom of the table.

With Huybrechts yet to have a win in this years Premier League, he was desperate to get a win under his belt against his good friend and stable-mate Jelle Klaasen.

It was a phenomenal start from the Belgian as he fired in a 174 to gain control of the leg as he looked to break Klaasen’s throw, and he did exactly that as he took out 84 for a 15-darter.

Klaasen the went on to break straight back as he fired in double-top to level at 1-1 to get the match back on throw, not a tremendous start from both players averaging in the late 80’s, but that would soon change as Klaasen found a 14-darter as he took out D8 just after Huybrechts missed a dart at D11 for a 124.

Klaasen started the fourth leg with three 140’s on the spin, but that didn’t phase the Belgian as he found a 14-darter after hitting his second maximum of the match as he took out D9.

Klaasen went on to regain the lead at 3-2 as he picked out tops for a 15-darter with Huybrechts left on 134.

As the game continued to swing up and down like a yo-yo Huybrechts levelled the match at 3-3 after kicking off the leg with his third maximum, missed doubles nearly cost him the leg, but Klaasen couldn’t take out 90 and the Belgian stepped in to take out D10.

Huybrechts missed a golden opportunity to break the Klaasen throw as he missed five darts to go 4-3 ahead, and the Dutchman punished the error as he took out Tops to hold throw and lead 4-3.

Klaasen went on to dominate the eighth leg and looked for a crucial break of throw, he did exactly that after Huybrechts missed a dart at tops for a 124, Klaasen returned to take out D10 with his last dart in hand to lead 5-3.

Huybrechts found his fourth maximum of the match with Klaasen yet to find one, as the Belgian looked to break straight back but his double woes continued as he missed three clear darts at 24, and Klaasen secured at least a point as he picked out D4 with his first dart to make it 6-3.

Huybrechts put in a terrific leg to make it 6-4 as he found a 13-darter taking out D16 with Klaasen way behind.

Klaasen missed a dart at D7 for a 122 to seal the win, he then went on to miss another three clear darts for the win and Huybrechts found D4 to make it 5-6 and took the match to a 12th leg.

Klaasen found his first maximum of the match and what a time to get it, despite that Kim Huybrechts responded with three consecutive 140’s as he found a 12-dart leg to end the match as a draw.

Klaasen will be disappointed that he let a two-leg lead slip but hats off to Kim huybrechts who never gave up and reaped the rewards, that result will satisfy Dave Chisnall who won earlier in the evening.

The next match was a tungsten tussle between Phil Taylor and Gary Anderson who have 18 World titles between them.

Taylor earned himself an early break of throw in the opening leg as he picked out D5 with Anderson waiting to pounce on 43 to lead 1-0.

Taylor got off to great start again in the second leg as he started off with back-to-back 140’s, averaging 108 at this point. Taylor failed to take out 51 as he missed a single 19 (hitting D19) and he was punished as Anderson picked out D9 for a break of throw in a very strange leg of darts.

Anderson very nearly hit tops for a huge 160 checkout, Taylor followed it by missing a dart at the bullseye for a 121 but Anderson took out tops at the first time of asking to lead 2-1 witth both players averaging over a ton.

Anderson started off the fourth leg with the matches first maximum, looking to move two legs clear after a few scrappy visits from ‘The Power’ but Anderson missed two crucial attempts at D18 and D9 and Taylor clened up as he took out 55 on tops to hold onto his thro to level the contest at 2-2.

Taylor started the fifth leg in typical Taylor fashion as he hit three 140’s on the spin, and he took out 81 for a 12-darter just after Anderson hit a maximum to apply the pressure as Taylor broke the Scot’s throw again to open up a 3-2 lead.

Taylor was looking phenomenal at this point averaging 107, and just like the last leg Anderson hit a maximum to apply the pressure, but this time Taylor couldn’t hit the double as he missed three darts at 40 and the Scot found D10 to level the match at 3-3.

Taylor again hit three 140’s on the spin as he looked to break Anderson straight back, and again we seem to say Anderson hit another maximum to apply the pressure and Taylor felt it as he missed a dart at D13 and Anderson punished Taylor yet again as he found tops to make it 4-3.

Anderson had a crucial break of throw as he went on to open up a 5-3 lead courtesy of a 12-darter as he took out 93 and at this point Taylor looked dead and buried, Taylor arguably could of been three legs ahead but missed doubles have proved to be very costly indeed.

This time it was Taylor’s turn to punish missed doubles as Anderson missed three darts at D5 as he looked to secure a point and in stepped ‘The Power’ to take out D16 to go within a leg at 4-5.

Anderson put in a breath-taking leg in leg ten as he left 83 after just three visits to the board on the way hitting his sixth maximum of the contest and it was an 11-darter for Anderson as he secured himself a point and restored a two-leg cushion.

And for Taylor, this is his finest TV performance for quite some time as he has matched Anderson in the scoring it has just been those missed opportunities which have proved to be crucial.

Taylor broke Anderson crucially as he picked out D5 after Anderson missed a dart at tops for a 116 for the match to make it 5-6.

Anderson crucially kicked off the 12th leg with his SEVENTH maximum of the match, Gary Anderson provided a moment of magic as he hit his eighth maximum to leave 3 to pressure Taylor who was sat on D16 after hitting a 177. ‘The Power’ returned to pick out the D16 and earn a very well deserved point in what was a magnificent contest as the averages suggest.

The penultimate game of the evening featured the former wo time back-to-back World Champion Adrian Lewis as he took on the in-form World number three Peter Wright.

It was Lewis who made a perfect start to the contest as he kicked off with SEVEN perfect darts, Wright replied with back-to-back maximums of his own and Wright punished Lewis as he took out D16 to take the first leg with a vital break of throw and the first time we have seen FOUR maximums in a single leg for a long time never mind in the opening leg of a match.

Lewis’ treble 20 hitting looked superb as he hit his third maximum in two legs as he took out D13 for an 81 outshot for a 12-darter, Lewis was using different points in his darts and they proved to be working very well for him.

This time it was Wright who was treating us to the sixth maximum of the match in just the third leg, and ‘Snakebite’ took out 60 on tops for a 14-darter to move ahead 2-1 to break the Lewis throw.

Wright extended his lead to 3-1 courtesy of a fantastic 12-darter as he took out 92 on D8. at this point Wright was averaging a mind-boggling 113.46.

Lewis responded perfectly as he fired in a stunning 11-darter as he took out 61 on D8 to make it 3-2 in what was a ridiculous standard of darts with both players averaging in excess of 110.

Wright responded to that 11-darter from Lewis with an 11-darter of his own as he picked out tops which included his fourth maximum of the contest averaging 119 to open up a 4-2 lead.

Wright continued this ridiculous standard of darts as he took out an outstanding 125 finish for a 12-darter maintaining his 119 average to lead 5-2.

Peter Wright guaranteed a draw as he fired in his second consecutive 11-darter as he picked out D12 for an 81 outshot and sensationally upped his average to a bizarre 121.91 just two points off the World Record average set by Michael van Gerwen.

‘Snakebite’ secured the win as he took out tops to secure a magnificent victory with his best performance on a TV stage as he averaged a breath-taking 119.50 average it was a superb match to watch, Adrian Lewis threw everything at Wright as he averaged 109.15 himself.

The final game of the night featured the unbeaten James Wade as he took on Dave Chisnall in which was Chizzy’s second game of the evening.

Wade opened up with a with a 96 finish to hold throw to take the opening leg 1-0 which was won in 18 darts.

Chisnall replied holding onto his own throw courtesy of a 76 finish, for a 15-darter which included a maximum from Chizzy.

Chisnall then went on to win the next two legs on the spin to move 3-1 ahead courtesy of back-to-back 14-darters as he looked like he was going to cruise to victory.

Chisnall missed a dart at D16 for a 101 finish for a 4-1 lead, and as you’d expect he was punished to the max by Wade as he took out D5 to reduce the deficit to 2-3.

The St Helens right hander then went on to extend his lead to 4-2 as he took out 70 on tops for a 15-darter with Wade well behind on 145 as he went within just three legs of a crucial win, but Wade had something to say about that as he won three legs on the spin as he went 5-4 ahead which included back-to-back 15 darters in levelling at 4-4. Chisnall missed four darts to lead 5-4 and Wade took full advantage of the error as he picked out D9 at the first time of asking.

Now it was Chisnall’s turn to win three legs on spin as he managed to secure his second win of the night, but it wasn’t as straight forward as that. Wade missed five darts to secure a point to move 5-4 ahead missing on his favourite D10 four times. Chisnall took full advantage as he took out 25 on D8 to level things up at 5-5. Wade again fluffed his lines when it came down to finishing the leg off as he missed a dart at the bull for a 124, then sensationally bust 25, allowing Chisnall to take out 50 on D16 despite him missing a single number when going for big ten he hit the 15 but rescued it with the winning double just after he missed the bull for a 170.

Chisnall secured the win only just though as he missed five darts before picking out the D5 to complete the win, just before he found the winning double James Wade narrowly missed tops for a 160 finish to earn a draw.

Betway Premier League Night Five
PosPlayerPlayerScoreMatch Average180’sCheckout %
1Dave ChisnallVsRaymond van Barneveld72101.1396.836363.6414.29
2Jelle KlaasenVsKim Huybrechts6687.5793.96153026.09
3Gary AndersonVsPhil Taylor66105.31103.988035.2931.58
4Peter WrightVsAdrian Lewis72109.15119.5555070
5James WadeVsDave Chisnall5789.3592.582423.8135

League Standings after Night Five :

After Night FivePlayedWonLostDrawnL/DPoints
Phil Taylor5203+77
Peter Wright5311+67
Michael van Gerwen4202+76
James Wade5212+36
Dave Chisnall6330-36
Gary Anderson5113+25
Raymond van Barneveld5122-64
Adrian Lewis5131-53
Kim Huybrechts5023-53
Jelle Klaasen5131-103


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