Bain relishing Mannheim Challenge 


Bain relishing Mannheim Challenge 
Bain in Euro-Tour action. ( Photo : PDC Europe)

Jamie Bain is relishing the opportunity as he returns to Germany on the European Tour as he competes in the German Darts Grand Prix in Mannheim on Friday in front of thousands of German darts enthusiasts.Bain has been in some fine form in 2017 as he competes in his FIFTH European Tour event in 2017. MDA’s Tom Beresford caught up with the Aberdeen-based star ahead of his trip to Germany.

You have hit some good form this year, has winning your tour card back in January given you a boost ?

” Absolutely. You know you have to play well at Qualifying school so if you do get a card then you know it’s deserved. “

You have qualified for FIVE European Tour events so far in 2017, just how hard are the qualifiers and how much joy does it bring you to get through them and play up on the European Tour stage ?

” You have to win 2/3 games just to qualify to be in the money where in a pro tour event you have money prizes at each stage so there’s a bit more pressure on them. The stages on the tour are huge & the crowds are amazing. They’re just great to play in. “

With the German Darts Grand Prix coming up on Friday in Mannheim, how are you feeling going into the event and playing in front of thousands of darts-crazed German fans ?

” Germany have some of the best fans in the world, It’s always great playing in the European tour events over there and I always feel they bring the best out of the players involved. “

You have been with MDA promotions now for a short period of time, just how much have they influenced you into playing the best that you can ?

” A lot. It’s a great team to be a part of. Everyone supports each other and nobody puts any pressure on you. “

Obviously you won your PDC tour card for the first time back in 2014, what made you take up the sport on a serious level ?

” I was playing a lot of local darts and competitions and playing well. A friend of mine Alan Kerr convinced me I could do it at a higher level. So we sat down, had a good talk and just I decided to just go for it. “

Of course you hail from Aberdeen, do you play in many local leagues around the area ?

” No. I don’t play in any local leagues. It’s a bit of a touchy subject. “

Have you set any personal goals / targets for the rest of the year ?

” Not really. I would like to qualify for the World Championship but mainly just to try get myself as high up the rankings as possible. “

As you well know, the other lads at MDA Promotions have a lot of banter and are a great team. Who has the best banter ?

” Everyone’s great and has great banter but probably James Wilson. He’s always got a smile on his face and a good story to tell. “

Who’s the worst dressed player at MDA Promotions ?

” (Laughs) Probably me. I’d rather be comfy than look good. “

What do you make of Daryl Gurneys red-hot run of form recently ?

” The man is on fire. He’s one of the best players in the world right now and he’s only getting better. Hopefully he can take this form to the World Championship and do the business. “


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