Ask the Public – Championship Darts Circuit special

Ask the Public - Championship Darts Circuit special

The CDC team ???????? (Left to Right) David L Irete, Anthony Eugenia, Jeff Goode & Peter Citera. Pictured with Larry Butler.

In my latest “Ask the Public” edition, I’m focusing on the Championship Darts Circuit in North America. Earlier this week, the PDC announced that they were awarding THREE spots at the William Hill World Darts Championship to North American players. The criteria is as follows :

One place to the CDC highest ranked American

One place to the CDC highest ranked Canadian

One place to the winner of the North American Championship in Las Vegas in July

It’s an excellent opportunity for the North American players to battle it out for those three places at Alexandra Palace, and over the last few years, the standard of play in the CDC has been on the rise.

I spoke to several players, officials & fans for their thoughts on the latest news of the three places that the PDC are offering for North Americans, and how it can help the growth of the Championship Darts Circuit.

At the same time, I’d like to offer my prayers for Larry Butler and his family at this tough time, following his heart attack earlier this week.

” I’m excited to hear that the PDC has offered 3 PDC World Championship places up for grabs to the North American players. One to the winner in Las Vegas, and also two to the Championship Darts Circuit. One American and one Canadian player. It’s a huge opportunity for North America. “

Darin Young (CDC Ranking event winner & USA World Cup Star)

I think It’s a fantastic opportunity for all these qualifiers from around the world to play in these play-offs, and win a place in the biggest and best tournament ever to take place in the game of darts and the PDC growing the game around the World, that was proof in the current World Cup, and the Development Tour that as brought so many young darters on in there game I would have loved to be playing in the modern game with all the opportunities and the financial gain that’s in the game now but it’s such a pleasure being involved in the game especially when I’m players Marshall looking after the players old and new. ”

Dean Williams (PDC players marshall)

I’m so grateful to the PDC for giving North Americans more opportunities to qualify for the World Darts Championship. I think the CDC is a well run organization and they will run their qualifying tournaments professionally. The hard part is, being an American company, they have had issues moving their tournaments into Canada. I know they’re working on and will get into Canada for more tournaments, which will definitely be better for properly determining the best qualifying player from each country. I also wish that it was announced earlier on in the year so more players would’ve attended the CDC tournaments and known what was at stake, instead of half way through the ranking year. But I know the future of North American darts is in good hands with the CDC due to their format, event styles and professionalism. “

Ask the Public - Championship Darts Circuit special

Dawson Murschell pictured above (Canadian PDC tour card holder)

It’s fantastic for darts in the USA. All the hard work by everyone involved has paid off with three places being awarded for this year’s PDC World Darts Championship . “

Gary Wood (PDC official)

North Americans are thrilled that the PDC has tripled the number of World Championship spots being awarded to our players. With two of these spots being awarded to the highest-ranking competitors of the Championship Darts Circuit, they have recognized that the CDC is the best possible avenue for players who have the potential to succeed against the world’s best. Any American or Canadian player who dreams of making the Ally Pally stage now has a clear path to getting there. “

Gregg Tong (DartConnect expert & CDC board official)

I think for it to be considered a true “World” championship, players from other parts of the world need to play. Up to now it hasn’t been viable for a host of players from North America, Australia and Asia to compete on the PDC Pro Tour regularly therefore, in order to promote our sport, places to overseas players should be made available. There are arguments against this process, mainly due to fewer spots available to players from the UK and Europe who play on the Pro Tour in a regular basis. But, places have been increased this year to accommodate more qualifiers from various sources which can only be a positive move – we can’t have a World Championship without players from all parts of the globe competing. ”

Dr Linda Duffy (Former World no.1 & professional sport psychologist)

Apparently the blueprint for how to be a professional in the PDC was inaccurate at best as those who followed it with the most success face standing on the outside looking in. The alternative path in is already 40% complete (those events running concurrently with PDC tour weekends) and in a desperate attempt to try and catch up and win will be forced to travel a further three weekends on top of the already very demanding schedule, both logistically and fiscally. The PDC have historically made rule changes that take effect retroactively, and this is no different. The presumption that the best three North American players will be at the World Championship seems flawed at best.

I am entirely for the PDC to support the CDC in such a fashion, but in addition to those in their system, not at their expense. “

John Part (3-time World Champion)

I think its yet another great initiative by the PDC for rewarding those involved with the development of the CDC tour. Ive been watching the streams of the events with interest and finally the Americans seems to have a very professional tour in place, from the set ups, to the streams and the very professional comms. In addition the reward for winning the North American is also a place in the PDC worlds, again a great opportunity for someone to come out the pack and shine under the biggest darting lights of all and showcase their talents in the biggest world championships ever. I wish all those striving for the 3 slots all the very best of luck. On a personal note I sincerely wish Larry Butler a speedy recovery and my thoughts and prayers are with Larry and his family at this time. ”

Chris Mason (Former professional darts player & Darts pundit)

I think it’s a wonderful and well deserved opportunity for the CDC and every North American player. The CDC has been working their asses off to build the North American darts scene on a professional level and it’s really starting to show and pay off. The North American championship spot is also a huge step forward for us. Every serious player should be motivated and thrilled. I know I am.

Danny Lauby jr (CDC Tour player)

It’s been a long time coming to where finally the PDC has recognized some form of darts organization in North America, as well as giving us another event to showcase some talent. It is awesome that players now have these additional opportunities to dedicate themselves to competitions in North America and have the shot at stepping on the stage of the PDC World Championships. Up until now, that was a lingering dream for many players. Now with these new chances open to them, some players may be a lot closer to that dream becoming a reality and I cannot wait to see what future stars emerge.

Anne “Sleepy” Kramer (Darts blogger)

I think it’s amazing that we now have 3 spots North America’s only used to 1 or 2 spots available to qualify to go and play the big guys but with the cdc offering 2 spots and the North American championships offering a spot it gives a lot more people a chance to give it a go and see if they have what it takes to qualify for the biggest stage in the world I wish everybody good luck and I can’t wait to see who makes it.

Keifer Durham (CDC Evolution Tour winner)

I think this a fantastic opportunity for more Americans to participate in the World Dart Championship. The CDC has improved long format play well ahead of any other dart organization in the United States. The Sky is the limit for what Peter Citera and Anthony Eugenia have in store for the future of this great game.

Mark Lacombe (CDC Fanatic)

I think it’s awesome! I think it shows how much darts has grown here with the success of the PDC event last year and the growth and success of the CDC for the last few years.

And, for me personally, my ultimate goal is to play on that stage someday, so I love having the extra shot at it. ”

Jason Brandon (CDC Tour player)

The recent announcement by the PDC to expand the World Championships has increased the opportunities worldwide. With those new opportunities come new responsibilities to bring seasoned players that have the ability to compete on the level of the PDC. Thankfully the PDC has seen the hard work done by the Championship Darts Circuit (CDC), the dedication of our players on the tour, and the increased averages of the players. This combination of factors gave us the honor of being selected to have our #1 American and #1 Canadian Players on the 2018 Tour Points List receive an invited to the 2019 PDC World Championships. It has been a dream of ours to have the CDC tour lead not only to the World Championships but also to provide another World Champion from North America. Along with the 2018 PDC Worlds Darts Masters in Las Vegas comes another opportunity for a North American to showcase their abilities and earn a spot in the 2019 PDC World Championships.

I like to think that these invitations will make a difference in darts in North America as the exposure increases and North Americans have “local” players to cheer for; then viewership will increase. We are already seeing channels like Eleven Sports and BBC America showing darts during the day and in some cases Prime Time hours. As the game and viewership grows the youth leagues will grow as they have role models to look up to and to emulate for future generations. These three invitations to North America are just the first steps in the right direction and it is now our responsibility at the CDC to make sure we continue to grow the tour and expand our reach to greater areas. We are working very hard to make sure that darts grow in North America and we make our debut Event’s in Canada in two weeks time in Burlington, Ontario June 23rd and 24th.

Any player in the world is welcome to come and play in our qualifiers each day of an event and play against some of the best darters in North America. Remember, that you will see two of our players on the PDC stage in December. Go to to register for an event. ”

Jeff Goode ( Chief administrative officer & venue director for the Championship Darts Circuit )

It’s extremely exciting to see more opportunities for North American based players to get a chance to earn their way into the grandest darting event on the planet. The PDC World Championship.

Moments like these are the real building blocks as we advance the sport here in on this continent.

Anthony Eugenia (Chief Operating Officer – Championship Darts Circuit)

The quality of darts in North America has taken a giant leap forward over the past three years, as has the interest from the fans. It’s fantastic to see the PDC recognize the progress we’ve made on this side of the pond by returning to Vegas for the second year. Having three North American spots in the William Hill World Darts Championships – two from CDC and one from the North American Championship in Las Vegas – gives everyone a chance to follow a dream. Ensuring that both the United States and Canada are represented at the Ally Pally will only increase spectator interest as well. It’s an exciting time to be a North American darts fan.

Peter Citera (Chief Executive Officer of the Championship Darts Circuit)

North American darts has made a great come back these past few years and it is great to see the PDC recognize that by including 3 North American spaces for the World Championship in Ally Pally. Especially the 2 places awarded from the CDC ranking will make it more fair for anybody in North America to earn that place on the big stage.

Tsuyoshi Yamasaki (President of L-Style Global)

The new PDC world championship spots that have been awarded to the CDC tour are an amazing thing for North American Darts. It shows that the dedication of the CDC staff and the CDC players to raise the level playing in North America has paid off. Now every player in Canada and United States has a proven path to get to the PDC world championship if they so desire. The PDC is committed to back the continuous growth of the CDC tour showing the faith they have in North America Darts and help to raise us to the highest level of play.

David Fatum (CDC Tour player)

There’s never been a more perfect time for the CDC’s rankings to be used to select players for international competition at the highest level of darts. American’s have waited decades for a new foundation to be built in our country. It is my personal belief that the CDC will be responsible for reaching a critical mass of attention and forever changing opportunity for American dart players.

Jennifer Mounts ( CDC production team member )

I think its a great thing that we now have more opportunities to get a chance to go over and compete with the largest darting avenue in the world. This very exciting to participate in and show the darting ability of north american darts. ”

Leonard Gates ( CDC Main Event 3 Winner)


Photo : Kelly Deckers / PDC


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