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Ask the Fans – Corey Cadby special

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In this special edition of ask the fans, I’m focusing on the phenomenal start to life as a PDC professional of the 22-year old Australian Corey Cadby.

Cadby has made quite an impression even before he landed in the UK, Cadby defeated Phil Taylor in a World series event back in 2016 at the Perth Masters. Cadby averaged 109 on that occasion as he introduced himself to the World. The Aussie also defeated ‘The Power’ in his run to the final of the Auckland Darts Masters in 2017.

The first time I heard of Corey was after he won a DPA event back in 2016, Cadby defeated another good young Aussie who goes by the name of Lucas Cameron in a 6-3 victory. Cadby averaged over 108 in that particular win, and ever since then I’ve been watching his progress.

The Aussie moved to the UK at the start of 2018 to persue a career in the PDC. And, what an impact he’s made, full of confidence and the talent is there for us all to see. He was adamant that he’d win his tour card on day one, and he didn’t disappoint as he did just that.

Cadby won his first PDC ranking title just a few weeks later as he won a UK Open qualifier (Q5) over in Wigan as he came back from 4-1 behind to win five legs on-the-spin to see off the newly-crowned World Champion Rob Cross in a great final.

Following that, just a week or so later Cadby reached the final of Players Championship two in Batnsley as he lost out to an on-song Michael van Gerwen.

Over the weekend, Cadby produced darts of the highest order as he reached the final of the Coral UK Open as he defeated a host of big names before narrowly losing out 11-7 to a superb Gary Anderson. Cadby’s already been flying up the rankings as he sits in 53rd position in the World rankings despite only turning professional just a few months ago. I asked the darts fans out there what they made of his progress in 2018 so far, as well as a chat with Cadby’s manager Mac Elkin.

” It came as no surprise to me to see Corey first secure his tour card and then go on to win a Pdc ranking tournament as well as come runner up in a ranking event and just last weekend come runner up to a superb player in Gary Anderson in the UK Open Final.

I have worked closely with Corey for two years now after my good friend Ian Dargan put him my way and I’ve seen him develop and progress into a very good player, but we must not forget that he’s only 22 and still learning his trade.

He signed a long term contract with Target Darts and I have to say that Garry Plumber has been brilliant with him, Corey took to the very first set of prototype darts that Target made it was so simple, I believe Target are looking to launch his shirts and darts around April time.

So along with the brilliant support of Target and Corey’s other sponsor Vistavis things are running along just fine.

Corey has been invited to play in The Auckland, Melbourne and Brisbane World Series of Darts as one of the 8 Pdc representatives for the first time, he has also qualified for The Grand Slam of Darts and sits in a good position for all the other PDC major tv events.

He left England on Monday to return home with his fiancée to get married on 18th March in Melbourne, he will enjoy his wedding and a few nice weeks with his family before returning to the uk to finish the job he has started.

Corey’s confidence though can be perceived as arrogant however since people have got to know him most people’s opinions are rapidly changing and he is quickly becoming a more liked player.

I for one can’t wait to part of Corey’s journey in the future but unfortunately you will always get some people bringing up about Corey’s past but this lad has completely changed his life around and now has goals, he wants the best for his wife to be and his children, he’s travelling to the other side of the world to achieve a dream and I firmly believe that he WILL achieve. ”

Mac Elkin (Manager of Corey Cadby)

” Melton Darts club Australia Day Classic was the first time I met Corey. The hype was already around as he’d moved to Victoria and had recently hit a 9 darter in their Superleague, and the hype was correct. He powered his way to victory in this tournament, Ian Dargan spotted him early in the piece and took into the powerful Team Rebel stable to compete on the DPA tour. The first tournement for the DPA season was the following week, and he stepped up their and won on his debut, defeating then current oceanic masters champion John Weber. From then on we that do the tour have witnessed some amazing feats from Corey, the two things that standout was a final in Brisbane where he averaged 108, and a weekend in Melbourne where he won all 3 events and averaged close to 100 for the entire 3 days. The funny part about Brisbane, was he belted me averaging 98 haha, was on the Wednesday and Thursday I was lucky enough to spend time with Mac Elkin and Jelle Klassen In Practice session and exhibition, and I spoke of how much better Corey’s best was to anyone else’s in Australia. Mac didn’t say a lot, but Corey certainly echoed my words with his performance that weekend in Brisbane. He has always managed to step up when required, whether it be on the Floor it TV events, and it doesn’t faze him who he plays. That confidence and self belief is looked upon as arrogant by those that don’t know the man, but it’s what makes him so good!! He is a humble down to earth guy, that now has the world at his feet, and to see him doing so well so early is no shock to anyone from Australia. He’s probably now the biggest talent for some time to hit the darting scene, and with more exposure and experience he become a fan favorite in years to come. ”

Lucas Cameron (DPA ranking title winner)

” I really like Corey as a person and a player. As a person he’s a very polite young man and a great family man.It is like Jekyll and hyde when you see the away from the dart board Corey and the on stage Corey It is like two different people but he has a massive desire to win games you could see the disappointment in losing to Gary at the weekend although pleased with making the final he believed he was going to win the game. He believes in his own ability and he fears no one and that is a crucial part of the make up of a top line darts player nowadays, how far can he go well we talked along the same lines with Rob Cross not long ago and look what he went on to achieve I would say the future is bright for Corey cadby and for the game of darts. ”

Gary Wood (PDC official)

” To be honest, we all knew Corey had what it takes, he is a very special talent.

In truth, his start has been nothing short of sensational and once he gains a bit more experience at the top table I believe he’ll feature in many more Tv tournaments and go deep.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he wins one in the not too distant future. ”

Micky Brock

” Corey Cadby’s almost meteoric rise within the PDC comes just a year after winning the World Youth title ( having spent much of that time away from the action until his main return to the UK for Q school.

His heavy scoring, regular 100 plus averages and obvious passion endear him to some if not all dart fans.

Since winning his tour card however he has visibly matured which can be seen in his recent stage presence during the UK Open.

The confidence is there backed up by his undoubted raw talent.

In my opinion he will soon become a most formidible player – providing the temperament is maintained and his appetite for success continues.

He has a solid management team so i expect his development to continue to improve and I for one am eager to see him playing on the Pro Tour. ”

Andy Walsh (Pro Tour marker)

” As you know I’m all for the youth in darts and I’ve watched Corey since his explosive start in the World Series. He reminds me of Peter Manley and Paul Nicholson in his persona he’s marmite or vegimite. He is maturing well and getting better with it. I think he will rise up the ranks quickly because he likes the tv and craves more attention. ”

Brian Ivey

” Corey Cadby’s rise since getting his Q card hasnt really been much of a suprise,However what has been great to see is his change in temperment and composure. A young man that will surely be a consistent top 8 player in World darts. Can he have the same first season as Rob Cross ? No, I don’t think so, but in long term the futures bright for the man from down under. ”

Mick O’Brien

” Corey Cadby’s start to life as a professional darts player has been impeccable. The Aussie rose onto the scene of darts by beating Phil Taylor on the World Series before breaking the preliminary round record average at the William Hill World Championship and reaching the final in Auckland. Virtually everyone in the darting world expected ‘The King’ to start making inroads on the circuit straight away and has done even more than expected reaching three final in the space of just two months – winning the fifth UK Open Qualifier of the year.

I hadn’t really seen much of the Aussie before the World Series of Darts in New Zealand last summer if I’m honest but that was the tournament for me where he shown the world what sort of quality he is capable of producing. His World Series of Darts Finals game against Gerwyn Price seemed a bit childish in my opinion but since then he has matured and turned into a world class darts player. He has already risen to around 50 on the Order of Merit and I can personally see him heading in only one direction. ”

The Maximum (@TheMaximum180)

” I think Cadby has had a Brilliant start to the year. His UK Open qualifier win, and the his Player Championship 2 Final + a brilliant UK Open final Cadby needs more big stage experience I think he can make world top 32 in his first year. ”

Michael Kiely

” He seems like a very confident guy, to say the least. We knew he’d have an impact, and this is definitely an impact. I know he’s getting married, however I think that playing the first euro tours would’ve really put a marker down for everyone that he wants to make all the big tournaments. I don’t think he’ll end up like Rob Cross: I don’t think he’ll improve enough for that. I think he’ll maybe get a shot at the PL next year and become a solid top 16 player. ”

Finlay Earnshaw (@TandL180)

” He’s a very consistent player. He has everything in it, the winners mentality, aggression, the opponent nothing to give. That’s why it can become a big deal in the darts world. It’s a player that can beat anyone. He is not a talent like Anderson or Lewis, he can very force with his shoulder during his throw. His results are very good, especially the UK Open Qualifiers and the UK Open. In addition, a final pick during his second Players Championship is incredibly good. ”

Patrick Bus (@Patrick180Bus)

” Cadby proved quite early on he can compete with the best, when he beat Phil Taylor in the World Series. Last year was a bit of a wake up call for him, didnt have the best of years and missed out on loads of tournaments but this year he really seems to have come into his own. Hes already acheived a lot of firsts, and I expect hes not done. I wouldnt be surprised if he does win a televised event this year the way hes playing. ”

Steven Hughes (@StevenlHughes)

” I’d like to say that I’m massively impressed with the start he has made. I think I speak on behalf of many as I say that when he first burst onto the scene, I didn’t take too kindly to him, but after watching his performances at the UK Open and the way he conducts himself now, I must say it’s a pleasure to watch and an inspiration to a young darts player like me to show me the way to conduct yourself and the fact that there’s nothing wrong with showing emotion, on and off the oche. ”

Lee Parsons (@LeePar180)

” I would comment on his professionalism and ability to control his emotions when playing floor tournaments. His ability to perform even when behind in a match has increased significantly too. Consistent high averages and no fear of the top players means his giving himself every chance of winning.

It will be interesting to see if his calmness at the oche is seen when he plays in front of big crowds.

After not having the best year last year (failed to qualify through a few different avenues for the world championship) he could have easily not kicked on this year – but I think winning his tour catd on day 1 of Qualifying School has given him additional confidence. ”

Dan Hutchinson (@dh0967)

” Corey’s made an amazing start really in my opinion. He’s a top 8 player already in my opinion. I’d love to know how much practise he’s put in to get where he is today as I’ve only recently started to play and I feel like my game is good but could get better. ”

Duncan McCallum

[Photos courtesy of Chris Dean / PDC]

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  1. Met him couple times the mans a top bloke he shows passion on the stage and people dislike him for it hes a cracking bloke!


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