Bury MP James Frith: “Bury FC only dies if we walk away”


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Bury MP James Frith took to the Gigg Lane pitch on Saturday afternoon to deliver a heartfelt speech to hundreds of abiding Shakers fans.

On an afternoon where Bury were due to host Doncaster Rovers at Gigg Lane, the Shakers faithful gathered in their numbers to hear what the Bury MP, James Frith had to say, following their expulsion from the EFL just over a week ago.

“It’s an absolute disgrace that today we’re not playing here”, said Frith on the Gigg Lane pitch.

“It was there, it was there for the taking. A small number of financiers prevented Bury Football Club from staying in the English Football League, and the English Football League prevented a number of credible bids being considered through a condition of exclusivity which no-one wanted. 

“Bury FC only dies if we walk away”, admitted Frith. “Anyone here who knows what grief feels like, is feeling it also today. But, there are stages of grief – the denial that we all felt this week is real, because sooner or later, you’ve got to get out of bed, get dressed and go to the shops. And this is what today is, the recognition that life goes on.

“We don’t walk away, and Bury FC doesn’t die. We’ve got to accept that more than likely, we’ll be playing football in lower leagues, but we’ve been there before. We’ve got to accept that we’ve got to self-determine our future, we’ve been there before as well. 

“I’m not here to advocate a new club, I’m here to advocate new focus on the continuation of Bury FC, of football at Gigg Lane”, said Frith.

“The EFL can kick us out of their league, but we’ll be back, we’ll be back playing League One football. But what we can’t do is waste time and waste energy that doesn’t keep football at Gigg Lane, and keep Bury Football Club alive, and that’s what I want to say to you all. You have my full attention on this issue, still. 

“The EFL have made their decision, but your decision now, from here is whether or not we keep Bury Football Club alive. We may be not in the English Football league, for now, but alive nevertheless. I believe that we’ve got to fight a whole level, a whole number of fronts including the EFL, we’ve all been doing that for the last few months, but if we simply concede that the EFL decide that we’re finished, then we have lost, and we do die. 

“I’m not going to stand by and you won’t either, and watch Bury FC’s future to be determined by that one decision, and a few financiers and a view of the EFL, so you have my full attention on this, and its an absolute honour to see you all here today. 

“We all have differences of opinion, I’m sure, but we all surely subscribe to Bury FC staying alive and Gigg Lane being the home of our football club. We spoke to the sports minister last week, I’ll be asking him, what happened? what happened when the government ring the EFL and say to them, this needs to rescinded. 

“The EFL, Steve Dale and Stewart Day are a joint enterprise criminal act against Bury Football Club.”


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